We are a team of two audio engineers with vast experience working with sound and creating music.

Our services include producing, mixing and composing music as well as writing and recording vocals for artists and businesses.


We operate from our cozy home studio located in Helsinki Finland. Our humble studio setup holds everything we need to produce high quality and professional sound.

Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you!



Vocal work

We will write lyrics, record and edit vocals for your track. We provide female and male vocals to a wide variety of genres, such as pop, EDM, rock and metal.


We will compose and process original music to fit your needs. We provide commercial music, jingles and music for artists.


We will produce and mix your track to your liking. We have produced music such as pop, rock, gospel and metal.



Vocal Showreel

Music Showreel




Otu has 16 years of experience in composing, producing and mixing music for films, commercials, video games and YouTube creators as well as his bands.


He is a multi-instrumentalist and a versatile singer. He also manages the Moonic Productions Youtube channel.


Vivian has 10 years of experience as a singer with a strong background in music theory. She also plays the piano and the guitar.


She has created sounds for games, animations and films. She has also produced music for escape rooms.



We have worked on several projects with Moonic Productions on singing and spoken word. It was always
fast and good quality. We will definitely approach them again for vocal jobs in the future!

- Stefan & Thomas from Concept Art



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